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In this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation that includes slides and a voice recording the presents your information. You need to present your information as if you were presenting to the organization/person that developed the application you are evaluating. The presentation must show and explain your recommendations for improvement for the application?s interface.;You notice that an application you use regularly has a place for suggestions on its Web site.;Choose an application you use regularly (it could be open or closed source, commercial or freeware).;Evaluate the UI for novice users based on each of the concepts below. You could choose from the actual application, the installation, or the uninstallation (or any combination of these);Patterns;Wizards;Interactivity;Animation transitions;Create a presentation with 10 or more slides and a voice recording, showing and explaining the improvements you suggest. Include the following;A title slide;An introduction slide;Recommendations for UI improvements using at least 3 of following 5 methods;Patterns;Wizards;Interactivity;Animation;Transitions;For each of the recommended UI improvements, do the following;Include a screenshot of the UI.;Describe what should be changed.;Explain why each change is necessary.;An effective conclusion;Sources cited properly in APA format (including images);Voice Recording Part. Please type out what needs to be said there needs to be enough for a explanation of each slide


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