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Database and Warehousing




Your team supervisor requested a meeting to discuss the following trends for issues and concerns and how they may be applied to the Moonlight Distributors. Using the library and the Internet, research each of the following current trends, issues, and concerns;Security;Data warehousing;Distributed databases;Data-mining algorithms;Prepare an 8 ? 10-slide presentation with speaker notes that elaborate on the slide outline. Cite your sources where appropriate.;Assignment Guidelines;Create an 8 ? 10-slide PowerPoint presentation on the topics listed in the assignment description.;In a Word document, write 4 ? 5 paragraphs of speaker notes that outline the key points of the presentation.;Be sure to cite all sources in APA format where necessary.;Save the PowerPoint presentation and the Word document in file.;Your submitted assignment must include the following in file;One 8 ? 10-slide PowerPoint presentation;One Word document containing 4 ? 5 paragraphs of speaker notes to accompany the presentation


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