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Individual Case Write-Up;Cisco Systems, Black & Decker, and O?Reilly Auto Parts: Adapting Supply Chains to Tough Times;Address all Case Study Questions and Real World Activities at the end of the case, including those that refer to a "Small Group" response. Express the reasoning and critical thinking along with your documented research to support your answers. Bulleted phrases can be helpful, but are not sufficient -- explain why these points are relevant to the response. Write clearly using correct grammar. Case write-ups must be completed in 6 - 9 double-spaced keyboarded body pages (title page, reference page, and any exhibits are not included in that page count). Cite sources of information that reflect the work of others. Use APA or any other style that presents your write-ups in a professional manner. Be sure your citations allow me to easily find your referenced work on the web or elsewhere for documentation. Submit your cases in Word (any version) format to Blackboard.


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