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Program 4




Program 4;Summary: Continue Program 3 to become more powerful in the field. Allow the user to read a file that contains encrypted data. Allow the user to add and delete data. Present the user two options for saving: A full data set file or a encrypted file.;Required Program Data;Crypto.vb: Described and used in Program 3;Three encrypted text files. These files are to be used for your testing.;Important concepts to know before you start;The key to this program is to complete tasks in smaller steps. Don?t get ahead of yourself!;Implement Add Item.;Implement the file read. When you are starting ? you can simply start by reading the file and displaying the file.;After you have the file read complete - then, add the decrypted value to the display.;Implement the delete;Implement the Save Keys;A File Read example, Page 555.;Listview examples;;;;;Key Enumeration;;NOTE: If you have to hardcode a path/file name, please know that my configuration *will not* match your personal Windows login. If you must hardcode the path, please hardcode your program path relatively. Meaning, don?t spell the entire path and reference the working directory.;Requirements: See ProgramRubric.xls


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