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Design and implement a Java program that will gather a user's




1. Design and implement a Java program that will gather a user?s first name, middle initial, lastname, age in years, and 3 lucky numbers. The program should output the following based on the user?s input;a. A welcome message repeating their full name (e.g. Welcome John Q Smith);--> Check data type for a string and character.;b. A message based on their age with these types of messages.;Display ?You are just a kid!?, if the user is less than or equal to 12 years old;Display ?Welcome teenager!?, if the user is greater than 12 and less than 20 years old;Display ?Welcome almost adult!?, if the user is 20 years old.;Display ?Welcome adult!?, if the user is 21 years old or greater.;c. A message displaying the average of their 3 lucky numbers. For example ?The average of your 3 lucky numbers is: 20?;2. Additional requirements include;a. Use JOptionPane.showInputDialog() methods for your user to input their data;b. Use JOptionPane.showMessageDialog() methods to display your messages.;c. Include a comprehensive set of application test data that you used to test your program. Your test data can be shown in a table that includes input data, expected output, actual output and pass/fail results from the test. Your test data can be presented in the form of a table as follows


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