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Date Conversion GUI Option Pane




You were supposed to ask user if they want to enter another date (and to do it regardless of the input validity). This had not been done. I see, your frame is on all the time, but, please, do just what you were asked for, without this frame but with InoputDialog instead.;For your design You had to CLEAR input TextField after obtaining an answer, and even in this case someway to let the user know that you are awaiting a new input, say, with MessageDialog: say them "enter another date or close the window;In your tests report there is no valid input at all.;I'd like more detailed message in a leap year case, add "this is not a leap year" And test with a leap year as well.;Your inpout message is for the Task3 Lab1! You have to correct it.;And you never check "dd" and "mm" for length therefore you show, say, 1/2/1234 as a correct format while it is NOT. (Same about birthDate, it is in a WRONG format!)>;Make corrections, add a "repetition" code add testing for the cases I pointed, and show a valid date as well. Add also a test with some letters in the input.


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