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Define a Java class named Accumulator




1. Define a Java class named Accumulator. The class contains the following elements;a. An integer variable named total.;b. A method named getTotal() that returns the value of total. This method does not take any arguments.;c. A method named add() that takes one integer argument. This method increases the value of total by the value of the argument. This method does not return any value.;2. Write a Java method remove() that takes two arguments: a String and a single character. This method should return a new String that contains all the characters from the input String without any occurrences of the specified character. For example, remove("this is some text", ?s?) should return ?thi i ome text?. You may assume that all input values are in lowercase. Use a loop to build up the result String, character by character. Do NOT use the String method replace()!


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