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C# visual studio 2010 Movie Title




Develop a Visual Studio 2 010 C# Windows Forms Application based on the following description and screen design;The User will enter Movie Title, Category and Year in the Text Boxes on the Left. When the ?Enter Movie? button is clicked, this data for the movie should be placed in an instance of the Movie Class. Then the movie object should be added to a Generic List called MoviesList. When ?Clear Move? button is clicked, the Text Boxes on the left should be cleared (for entry of new Movie);When ?Display Movie Titles? button is clicked, the Titles of the movies in the MoviesList should be displayed (in the order entered by the user) in the ListBox on the left (below ?Movie Titles? heading).;If the user selects a movie title in the ListBox and then clicks the ?Delete Movie?, the movie should be deleted from the MoviesList and remaining movie titles should be redisplayed in the ListBox. If the user does not select Title, you can display a message box to the user.


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