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Question 1;In its simplest form, a(n) ____ is a programmed formula that is used to decrypt ciphertext. Answer;plaintext;encryption key;firewall;digital signature;1 points;Question 2;A typical enterprise consists of hundreds of individual operating entities called ____. Answer;managers;enterprise models;functional units;expert systems;1 points;Question 3;conversion consists of running the old system alongside the new system for a specified time. Answer;Direct;Pilot;Parallel;Phased;1 points;Question 4;Which method of encryption inserts characters between existing characters? Answer;transposition;substitution;expansion;compaction;1 points;Question 5;A developer of a relational database refers to a file as a(n) ____. Answer;tuple;table;attribute;relation;1 points;Question 6;A(n) ____ is an item that contains data, as well as the actions that read or process the data. Answer;unit;object;index;key;1 points;Question 7;Benchmark tests measure the performance of hardware, they are not used for evaluating software. Answer;True;False;1 points;Question 8;A developer of a relational database refers to a record as a(n) ____. Answer;tuple;table;attribute;unit;1 points;Question 9;A(n) ____ is a window on the screen that provides areas for entering or changing data in a database. Answer;analog;form;report;backup;1 points;Question 10;When a program flags a deleted record, ____. Answer;the record is removed physically from the disk;the record remains on disk logically so it can be processed;the program places an asterisk or some other character at the beginning of the record to flag it;all of the above;1 points;Question 11;The field size defines the minimum number of characters a field can contain. Answer;True;False;1 points;Question 12;A RAID server often is called a storage appliance because it is a piece of equipment with only one function to provide additional storage. Answer;True;False;1 points;Question 13;In applications that allow users to write ____, the security level should be set so the application warns users that a document they are attempting to open contains a macro. Answer;Javascript;macro;antivirus definitions;antispyware definitions;1 points;Question 14;A ____ is a program that copies itself repeatedly, for example in memory or in a network, using up resources and possibly shutting down the computer or network. Answer;denial of service (DoS) attack;Trojan horse;virus;worm;1 points;Question 15;A user of a relational database refers to a file as a(n) ____. Answer;unit;attribute;table;tuple;1 points;Question 16;As related to the use of computers, ____ is defined as gaining unauthorized access or obtaining confidential information by taking advantage of the trusting human nature of some victims and the naivety of others. Answer;DoS;social engineering;DRM;scamming;1 points;Question 17;The first step in acquiring necessary hardware and software is to ____. Answer;identify technical specifications;solicit vendor proposals;test and evaluate vendor proposals;summarize the requirements for potential vendors;1 points;Question 18;A data ____ contains data about each file in the database and each field within those files. Answer;log;warehouse;model;dictionary;1 points;Question 19;The main disadvantage of compiled programs is that they do not run as fast as interpreted programs. Answer;True;False;1 points;Question 20;A major benefit of OOP is the ability to ____. Answer;write code that executes very fast;reuse and modify existing objects;write code that uses very little memory;write system software;1 points;Question 21;information has an age suited to its use. Answer;Organized;Accessible;Useful;Timely;1 points;Question 22;More complex DBMSs maintain a(n) ____, which is a listing of activities that change the contents of the database. Answer;report;index;glossary;log;1 points;Question 23;Spam is a program placed on a computer without the user s knowledge that secretly collects information about the user. Answer;True;False;1 points;Question 24;All of the following are common ways computers become infected with malware, except ____. Answer;opening infected files;running an infected program;booting the computer with infected removable media inserted in a drive or plugged in a port;installing a software package from a CD;1 points;Question 25;A user of a relational database refers to a record as a column. Answer;True;False;1 points;Question 26;Hardware thieves often target notebook computers of company executives. Answer;True;False;1 points;Question 27;In the ASCII and EBCDIC coding schemes, each byte represents a single ____. Answer;float;integer;bit;character;1 points;Question 28;File maintenance procedures include ____. Answer;adding records to a file;deleting records from a file;changing records in a file;all of the above;1 points;Question 29;If an antivirus program cannot remove an infection, it often ____. Answer;quarantines the infected file;reports the user computer;disables the drive the file is on;removes the user from its registry;1 points;Question 30;Which of the following data types stores lengthy text entries? Answer;Text;Memo;Hyperlink;Object;1 points;Question 31;A unit test verifies that each individual program or object works by itself. Answer;True;False;1 points;Question 32;software manages the day-to-day interactions with customers, such as telephone calls, e-mail interactions, Web interactions, and instant messaging sessions. Answer;CIM;CAM;CAD;CAE;1 points;Question 33;information has meaning to the person who receives it. Answer;Organized;Accessible;Useful;Timely;1 points;Question 34;manages one or more human resources functions. Answer;BI;BPA;HRIS;CAD;1 points;Question 35;An expert system consists of two main components: ____. Answer;data and tasks;a knowledge base and inference rules;a human expert and artificial expert;a database and spreadsheet;1 points;Question 36;Companies that use databases do not require security settings for access control. Answer;True;False;1 points;Question 37;Application software developed by the user or at the user s request is called ____ software. Answer;packaged;optimized;custom;remastered;1 points;Question 38;The data in a key field is not unique to a specific record. Answer;True;False;1 points;Question 39;Which statement does not apply to the database approach? Answer;it requires less memory than file processing systems;it increases the data s integrity;programs are easier and faster to develop than with a file processing system;it allows nontechnical users to access and maintain data;1 points;Question 40;To convert an assembly language source program into machine language, programmers use a program called a(n) ____. Answer;source reader;compiler;interpreter;assembler;1 points;Question 41;uses a computer and special software to aid in product design. Answer;BI;HRIS;BPA;CAD;1 points;Question 42;is a server outside a company s network that controls which communications pass into the company s network. Answer;Firewall;Intrusion detection software;A proxy server;An audit trail;1 points;Question 43;or on demand computing, allows companies to use the processing power sitting idle in a network located somewhere else in the world. Answer;Grid computing;Utility computing;Redundant computing;Enterprise resource planning (ERP);1 points;Question 44;A database administrator _____. Answer;requires a more technical view of data;creates and maintains the data dictionary;monitors the performance of the database;all of the above;1 points;Question 45;Which of the following elements of an information system must be kept secure from threats both inside and outside the enterprise? Answer;hardware and software;data;people and procedures;all of the above;1 points;Question 46;A ____ is an individual business activity, such as a deposit, payment, order, or reservation. Answer;message;process;transaction;job;1 points;Question 47;Because it is used to generate information, most companies realize that _____ is one of their more valuable assets. Answer;database software;data;redundancy;a primary key;1 points;Question 48;is the process of collecting data from the Internet as a source for the data warehouse. Answer;Web mining;Web searching;Scavenging;Web farming;1 points;Question 49;A DBMS that creates a log usually provides a(n) ____. Answer;validity check;integrity check;backup;recovery utility;1 points;Question 50;Social engineers can obtain information by ____. Answer;snooping around computers looking for openly displayed confidential information;watching or filming people dialing telephone numbers or using ATMs;sifting through company dumpsters;all of the above;1 points;Question 51;is the process of converting readable data into unreadable characters to prevent unauthorized access. Answer;Encryption;Content filtering;Decryption;Remastering;1 points;Question 52;Program development is an ongoing process within system development. Answer;True;False;1 points;Question 53;With a ____, users create a computerized database, add, change, and delete data, sort and retrieve data, and create forms and reports from the data. Answer;DBMS;XML;RMS;All of the above;1 points;Question 54;A virus ____ is a known specific pattern of virus code. Answer;index;trigger;definition;payload;1 points;Question 55;Wireless access poses additional security risks. Answer;True;False;1 points;Question 56;A database uses characteristics such as field size and data type to define each field. Answer;True;False;1 points;Question 57;C++ includes all the elements of the C language plus it has additional features for working with objects. Answer;True;False;1 points;Que


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