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Second Life (computer "game")




I found this to be a very odd section in the course. As far as I can tell this Second Life program isn't a very popular thing anymore. I do believe he made mention it has been part of the course since 2008. I think it's time for the professor of the course to change things around. Hopefully someone can help with this one.;Since SL is such a new phenomena, and you are now in the final stretch in the race to the end of the semester, I want to give you a bit of a break for this lesson.;I would like you to write a pithy (concise) paper, no more than one printed page (but don't print it - it should be an attachment) describing how you see the future unfolding in SL.;Here are some directions to consider;What about SL and money/finance? What is money really about in SL? Is there trouble brewing with money?;What about kids/children and SL? Hazards? Opportunities? Dangers?;How about health problems with such things as SL Addiction?;Otrhers?;Let your imagination run with this assignment.


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