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2. Which of the following schedules is (conflict) serializable? For each serializable schedule, determine the equivalent serial schedules.;(a) w1 (X), r2 (X), w1(X), r3(X), w2(X);(b) r1 (X), r3 (X), w2(X), w1(X), r3(X);(c) w3 (X), r2 (X), w3(X), r1(X), w1(X);(d) r3 (X), r1 (X), r2(X), w3(X), w2(X);(e) r1(x), r2(z), w3(x), r1(z), r2(y), r3(y), r1(x), w2(z), w3(y), w2(y);(15 points);3. Consider schedules S1, S2, and S3 below. Determine whether each schedule is strict, cascadeless, recoverable, or nonrecoverable. (Determine the strictest recoverability condition that each schedule satisfies.);S1: w1(x), r2(z), r1(z), w3(x), r3(y), w1(x), c1, w3(y), c3, r2(y), w2(z), w2(y),c2;S2: r1(x), w2(z), r1(z), r3(x), r3(y), w1(x), w3(y), w2(y), w2(z), w2(y), c1, c2, c3;S3: w1(x), r2(z), r3(x), r1(z), w2(y), r3(y), w1(x), w2(z), w3(y), w2(y), c3, c2;(15 points)


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