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dentify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.;1.;Which of the following is a transmission media on which data, instructions, or information travel?;a.;communications route;c.;communications flow;b.;communications channel;d.;communications path;2.;As shown in the accompanying figure, what is the term for a network that covers a large geographic area, such as a city, country, or the world, using a variety of wired and wireless transmission media?;a.;local area network (LAN);c.;wide area network (WAN);b.;metropolitan area network (MAN);d.;variable area network (VAN);3.;The design of computers, devices, and media in a network is categorized as either client/server or peer-to-peer. What is the term used to refer to this characterization?;a.;network topology;c.;network standard;b.;network architecture;d.;network protocol;4.;On what kind of network, such as that illustrated in the accompanying figure, do one or more computers act as a server and the other computers on the network request services from the server?;a.;dedicated;c.;integrated;b.;client/server;d.;indexed;5.;Which of the following is a simple, inexpensive network that typically connects fewer than 10 computers?;a.;peer-to-peer network;c.;MAN;b.;hard network;d.;interpolated network;6.;A ____________ refers to the layout of the computers and devices in a communications network;a.;Network architecture;c.;Network topology;b.;Network arrangement;d.;Network communication;7.;As illustrated in the accompanying figure, on what kind of network must all of the computers and devices (nodes) on the network connect to a central device?;a.;bus network;c.;star network;b.;ring network;d.;token ring network;8.;Which of the following is the greatest problem with regard to a bus network?;a.;Devices attached or detached at any point on the bus disrupt the rest of the network.;b.;Failure of one device usually affects the rest of the network.;c.;The bus itself might become inoperable.;d.;Bus networks are expensive and difficult to install.;9.;Which of the following defines guidelines that specify the way computers access the medium to which they are attached, the type(s) of medium used, the speeds used on different types of networks, and the type(s) of physical cable and/or the wireless technology used?;a.;network metric;c.;network matrix;b.;network index;d.;network standard;10.;Which of the following is a network standard that specifies no central computer or device on the network should control when data can be transmitted?;a.;Ethernet;c.;IEEE;b.;Telnet;d.;Gopher;11.;What protocol has been adopted as the network standard for Internet communications?;a.;RFID;c.;TCP/IP;b.;Bluetooth;d.;NFC;12.;The technique of breaking a message into individual packets, sending the packets along the best route available, and then reassembling the data is called ____________.;a.;Packeting;c.;Packet formation;b.;Packet switching;d.;Packet guidance;13.;Which of the following terms identifies any network based on the 802.11 family of standards?;a.;mesh;c.;Wi-Fi;b.;IEEE;d.;FireWire;14.;Which of the following has the fastest transfer rate?;a.;Cable;c.;ISDN;b.;DSL;d.;FTTP;15.;Which of the following is a central communications device that allows computers and devices to transfer data wirelessly among themselves or to transfer data wirelessly to a wired network?;a.;wireless link;c.;wireless access point;b.;router;d.;integral point;16.;Which of the following is a communications device that connects multiple computers together and transmits data to its correct destination on a network?;a.;grid;c.;baseband modem;b.;multiplexer;d.;router;17.;Which of the following enables a computer or device that does not have built-in networking capability to access a network?;a.;hub;c.;NIC;b.;packet;d.;router;18.;For best performance of a communications channe


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