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1. What is the electronic component that interprets and carries out the basic instructions that operate the computer?;a. motherboard c. processor;b. control unit d. arithmetic unit;2. Which of the following refers to the case that contains and protects the motherboard?;a. memory manager c. system unit;b. CP case d. encapsulator;3. Which of the following is not a part of a server like the one in the accompanying figure?;a. processor c. storage;b. network connections d. bundled software;4. Which of the following is the practice of sharing computing resources, such as servers, like those in the accompanying figure?;a. clustering c. aggregation;b. concatenation d. virtualization;5. Which of the following is a network of several servers, like those in the accompanying figure, together in a single location?;a. server farm c. server mainframe;b. server unit d. server aggregate;6. Which of the following are large, expensive, powerful computers that can handle hundreds or thousands of connected users simultaneously and store tremendous amounts of data, instructions, and information?;a. embedded computers c. mainframes;b. supercomputers d. mobile devices;7. Which of the following are the fastest, most powerful computers ? and the most expensive?;a. desktop computers c. midrange servers;b. notebook computers d. supercomputers;8. If a POS terminal is able to update inventory at geographically separate locations, what is the term for this ability?;a. Internet capable c. digital encapsulation;b. POS mobility d. ATM facility;9. What is the term for the picture/video message service available on smartphones and other mobile devices?;a. CMS c. MMS;b. MCS d. SCM;10. What is the term for the smallest element in an electronic image?;a. icon c. state;b. optic d. pixel;11. Which of the following is a special-purpose computer that functions as a component in a larger product?;a. hard-coded computer c. soft computer;b. embedded computer d. indexed computer;12. How many peripheral devices can you connect with a USB port?;a. up to 32 c. up to 57;b. up to 45 d. up to 127;13. Which of the following is the process of initiating contact between two Bluetooth devices and allowing them to communicate with each other?;a. streamlining c. docking;b. discovering d. pairing;14. Which of the following protects against electrical power variations?;a. cloud computing c. server virtualization;b. surge protector d. electronic leveling;COGNITIVE ASSESSMENT;15. What are the two main components on the motherboard?;a. system unit, memory c. processor, system unit;b. CPU, processor d. memory, processor;16. You are storing a new worksheet online for members of your project team to be able to share access to it. What kind of computing is this an example of?;a. cloud c. disperse;b. digital d. liberated;17. You have a camera with a 16 MP resolution. How many pixels are represented by that resolution?;a. 16 c. 16 million;b. 16,000 d. 16 billion;18. You need a version of USB technology that will support older USB devices, of which you have many, as well as newer ones. What word do you want to see in the specs?;a. backward compatible c. multifunctional;b. integrated d. Bluetooth-enabled;19. Which of the following items in your pocket uses NFC technology?;a. postage stamp c. credit card;b. wallet d. coin purse;20. You have just designed a device-tracking app for sale in the app marketplace. Which of the following are you least likely to use in your app?;a. GPS c. UNIX;b. Wi-Fi d. IP addresses


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