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You will create a technical proposal for a Windows Server-based set of network services given the simplified RFP (Request for Proposal)




Overview;You will create a technical proposal for a Windows Server-based set of network services given the simplified RFP (Request for Proposal) provided below. The submission will be in a written format with a length of at least 1000 words (not counting diagrams, quoted passages, or other attachments) and with at least one diagram created by you. The assignment is meant for students to enhance their mastery of the material and to provide a creative and realistic way in which to apply knowledge from this course.;Proposal Requirements;Below are the requirements for the proposal itself. Details about the technical content that must be covered are in the RFPlater in this document.;Formatting and Length;??The proposal must be at least 1000 words in length. Most submissions will far exceed this minimum if you cover;all of the topics. Word count does not include words in diagrams, tables, large quotations from sources, or other;attachments. The recommended page length is anywhere from 5 - 10 pages.;??There must be at least one diagram created by the student. Additional diagrams or tables can be included;additional diagrams will benefit the reader by further clarifying your design.;??You may format the proposal however you wish (including font, line spacing, and margins).;??Include page numbers in your document, as well as your name and date somewhere in the document (e.g., on a title page).;Level of Detail for the Proposal;??The proposal must leverage Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 for all of the components.;??All of the topics listed below must be addressed. The solution must be a unified design.;??The design should be detailed and specific. This is a technical proposal rather than a research paper.;??All significant technical decisions should be explained ? why was each decision made versus alternatives?;??The proposal should focus on the technical aspects of the solution and the reasoning for those decisions. Any financial, scheduling, manpower or other similar content is allowed and optional, but it won?t be counted towards the 1000-word minimum.;??Even though it?s not necessary to include financial content, decisions should still take into consideration that costs should be kept reasonable and that you should limit excessive waste. Please note that providing redundancy to support high availability is rarely considered wasteful.;??The proposal must respond to the questions in the RFP.;References;??At least one non-textbook, non-LabSim, non-Wikipedia reference is required. This should be a meaningful and recent resource, such as a ?best practice? guide from Microsoft or an experienced provider of Microsoft solutions.;??At least one reference must be cited in the text of the proposal at least once.;??The reference list and in-text citations must follow APA format.;??Be sure to properly quote or cite any sources used. It is expected that you are already familiar with UMUC's "Policy on Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism." It is available in the Academic Policies section of the Syllabus, and in the Webliography in WebTycho. Basically, if you are using text from a source, you must cite and/or quote it. If plagiarism is found, then there may be a significant penalty to the grade.;Submission;??Submission must be on time;??A copy of your proposal must be submitted to (see the ?Submission? section below);??A copy of your proposal must be submitted to your Assignments area of the Webtycho classroom;3;RFP (Request for Proposal);Industrial Widgets and Sprockets, Inc. (IWS) is requesting proposals for the implementation of a Windows Server-based network solutions to support a new set of locations. The design of the services in these locations will serve as a template for other locations later.;Company Background and Locations;IWS is a relatively new company, specializing in the sale of widgets, cogs and sprockets.;IWS has 200 employees in three new locations;??85 employees in the primary site in Dallas, Texas, including management/executives, IT, sales, marketing staff, financial and HR staff, this location will host the primary datacenter, half of these employees are mobile users, traveling often.;??60 employees in a site in Portland, Oregon, mostly sales staff, with a small datacenter, most of these employees are mobile users, traveling often.;??55 employees in a site in Charlotte, North Carolina, mostly sales staff, with a small datacenter, most of these employees are mobile users, traveling often.;The mobile sales workers mentioned above will need to work remotely, which should be considered in the design.;IWS has some internal IT staff who will oversee the maintenance of the environment that you design and implement. Most of the IT staff are in the Seattle location.


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