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Computer Networking Need help with 4 DQ Devry Network 230- NETW Op Sys-Windows w/Lab




Need help with 4 DQ ASAP for Devry Network 230- NETW Op Sys-Windows w/Lab;Group Policy (graded) Class;1. There is a group policy for folder redirection. What is it? What are the advantages and disadvantages?;Excellent thread folks! Nice, nice job.:-) Let's dig even deeper with a scenario...;Class;2. Let's say you want to have a Windows 7 environment that is as restrictive as possible. What group policy settings would you use?;NETW Op Sys-Windows w/Lab;RE: Remote Access Services and Devices;1. How do you prevent an employee from connecting remotely from a borrowed laptop that is infected with a bunch of viruses?;RE: Remote Access Services and Devices;Class;2. What is a terminal server and who can tell us what the two broad purposes that Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services are used for?


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