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Android Simple Game Project(Tic-Tac-Toe) program name shuld be Game_ssani2;Create a simple game project. The project must be unique. To avoid the possibility of doing the same thing as someone else, I suggest that you send me an email with exactly what you want to do and have me approve it. If I approve it, you will not have to worry about a conflict with someone else.;Please detail any features in your submission email that would not be obvious to a normal user.;Unique APP. 10 pts.;Must allow user to win or loose. 10;Must allow user to play against the device. 10;Must have a score. 10;Must have a graphic of some type. 10;Must have a sound of some type. 10;Must allow user to replay after ending 10;Submitted on time. 20 pts.;Submitted correctly. 10 pts;Once you have your program done, compress the folder containing the project and rename the compressed file to (example and email it to me at;I only except Zip files for submission. Please do not use RAR, 7ZIP, or any other compression format.


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