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vailable Points;3% Slide 1.Title;3% Slide 2.Table of Contents;9% Slide 3.Planning;9% Slide 4. Analysis;9% Slide 5. Design;9% Slide 6. Build;9% Slide 7. Implement;9% Slide 8. Maintain;20% Slide 9. Summary (Be sure to answer the 4 questions on the SDLC);4% Used Design Template;4% Applied style to presentation (animation, slide transition, etc.);4% Used at least two images or clip-art pictures;4% Printed slides in Handout format for turn-in;4% Uploaded lastname_SDLC.ppt file to Student Web Server (Required for grade);100% TOTAL;Due;Cascade CRN #41865 - Wednesday, November 20, 2013;Related Readings;Text: Chapter 4) Programs and Apps, and Chapter 12) Information Systems and Program Development;Software: Applications;The SDLC;eTutorials for PCs, the Internet and MS Applications;Other Internet Pages identified below;This assignment covers the concept of the System Development Life Cycle.;Part I -- SDLC Plan;Use the steps of the SDLC as presented in the The SDLC notes to describe the process of accomplishing a task that is of interest to you. (There is also a reference to the SDLC on the class hompage.) Your task can be any task and does not have to be related to an IT system. Examples might be to: take a trip, buy a house, car, or something, get a degree, learn how to do something, plan a party, bake a cake or just about anything. The idea here is to come up with some concrete examples of the abstract concepts of the SDLC, to show that you really understand what each step involves.;For example, if the task was to take a vacation trip to Germany, then the SDLC Steps might look as follows;After you have formulated your task and described each step, present your information in a minimum 9 slide presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint. NOTE: Please see the Brief Tutorial on using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 for the SDLC project. You may use any version of PowerPoint with which you are familiar.;Presentation requirements;1. You should have a title slide and a table of contents slide.;2. You should have at least one slide for each step and each of the steps (Planning, Analysis, Design, Build, Implement, and Maintain) must be the title of a slide (similar to that shown above).;3. Your presentation should have at least two relevant images in it;4. Use a design template background.;5. Include slide transition effects (custom aninmation) between your slides. You can add additional animations, sound or movies if you like, but these are not required as part of the assignment.;6. Summary Slide -;The important idea to take away from SDLC is that it involves planning, approval, testing, and documentation to assure that the system can, and will work as required.;Your summary slide(s) should answer the following questions;a. Why is the SDLC important? (i.e., Why can't we just sit down and knock out a quick solution to software/IT development today?);b. Explain the Waterfall version of the SDLC. Why is it not as useful anymore?;c. Feasibility is a measure of how suitable the development of a system will be to the organization. Discuss/describe any two tests to evaluate the feasibility of a project.;d. Why is the SDLC process useful in other types of projects other than just IT areas?;NOTE: Use the following guidelines for a presentation;? Start with a Title Page;o Title Should be Short;o Provide Presenter's Name, Date;? Follow with a Table of Contents Page;o One Bullet for Each Topic;o Keep Bullets Short;? Topic Slides;o Each Slide Should Include Only One Topic;o Each Slide Should Contain 4-6 Short Bullets;? Bullets Identify Main Concepts to be Talked About;? Talk to the Rest;? DO NOT put everything that you want to say on the slide. If you feel that you must have everything that you want to say somewhere within your presentation, put it in the Notes section. -- A Bullet Should Never Be as Long as this One.;? Keep Bullets Short;? Include Appropriate Images, Sounds, Videos that Add to the Presentation;? DO NOT include Images, Sounds, Videos, Animations just because they are cute.;o Font Usage;? Font Size Should be Appropriate for the Slide and Viewing from a Distance;? A Sans Serif Font such as Arial or Verdana;? Consistant Use of Word Capitalization;? Always Spell Check;? Summary Slide;o Your summary slide(s) should answer the questions listed above in item 6 of presentation requirements. (You may need more than one summary slide to complete the answers);Save your presentation as lastname_sdlc.ppt (Microsoft PowerPoint) but replace the "lastname" with your lastname.


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