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You are the government client who requested the new user interface design for the terrorist suspect identification program.;Review and evaluate your old system's user interface for finding files (Figure 1), keeping in mind the requirements previously identified.;Write a 3?5-page report including the following;An effective introduction;A description of some of the poor design issues with the Figure 1 UI design;A description of some of some recommended improvements for this screen for the Figure 1 UI design;An example from the Internet of a more usable and effective Find File interface screen, pasted into your report and cited appropriately;The justification for your proposed interface design selection;Ensure that the paper is formatted correctly in APA style. Provide a reference page.;Figure 1: Find File;(Bad Interface, n.d.);Reference;Bad interface. (n.d.). Retrieved November 23, 2009 from KDE TechBase Web site:


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