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Modify the Week Two Java? application using Java? NetBeans?




Modify the Week Two Java? application using Java? NetBeans?;IDE to meet these additional and changed business requirements;? The company has recently changed its total annual;compensation policy to improve sales.;? A salesperson will continue to earn a fixed salary of $30,000.;The current sales target for every salesperson is $400,000.;? The sales incentive will only start when 80% of the sales;target is met. The current commission is 8% of total sales.;? If a salesperson exceeds the sales target, the commission will;increase based on an acceleration factor (meaning the;commission will be multiplied by the acceleration factor). The;acceleration factor is 1.25;? The application should ask the user to enter annual sales, and;it should display the total annual compensation.;? The application should also display a table of potential total;annual compensation that the salesperson could have;earned, in $5000 increments above the salesperson?s annual;sales, until it reaches 50% above the salesperson?s annual;sales.;Sample Table: Assuming a total annual sales of $100,000, the;table would look like this;Total Sales Total Compensation


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