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;;1. (TCO 1) A listener interface becomes _____ with its event source at compile time. (Points: 3);buffered;defined;instantiated;registered;2. (TCO 1) The drawString () method accepts all of the following arguments except a _____. (Points: 3);Graphics object;horizontal coordinate;String;vertical coordinate;3. (TCO 1) The Java 2 Runtime Environment contains all the following tools except the _____. (Points: 3);Java APIs and Class Libraries;Java Applet Viewer;Java Compiler;Java Virtual Machine;4. (TCO 1) An IDE is also called a _____. (Points: 3);builder tool;mini-browser;scripting tool;text editor;5. (TCO 1) In object-oriented terminology, the characteristics of an object are defined by its _____. (Points: 3);attributes;class;instance;methods;6. (TCO 1) Typing a(n) _____ after the package name in an import statement tells the program to load all the classes within a package. (Points: 3);asterisk;comma;forward slash;semicolon;7. (TCO 3) Programmers use the _____ class to format decimal numbers into Strings for output. (Points: 3);Float;DecimalFormat;DecimalFormatSymbols;Format;8. (TCO 3) A(n) _____ operator is used to connect two conditional expressions. (Points: 3);arithmetic;equality;logical;relational;9. (TCO 1) _____ is a package that provides classes to support system input and output. (Points: 3);java.lang;;java.util;javax.swing;10. (TCO 1) Which of the following is an equality operator? (Points: 3);=;=;=;+=;11. (TCO 1) Which of the following is not a method in the Math class? (Points: 3);abs();exp();random();sqrt();All are valid methods of the Math class.;12. (TCO 1) The _____ is used to store any truncated remainder value from integer division. (Points: 3);cast;integer division;modulus;precedence operator;13. (TCO 4) The index of the array starts at _____ and can only be of type _____. (Points: 4);1, int;1, double;0, double;0, int;14. (TCO 4) Which of the following statements about creating arrays and initializing their elements is false? (Points: 4);The new keyword should be used to create an array.;When an array is created, the number of elements must be placed in square brackets following the type of element being stored.;The elements of an array of integers have a value of null before they are initialized.;A for loop is an excellent way to set the values of the elements of an array.;15. (TCO 4) The index number assigned to elements of an array is also called a _____. (Points: 4);counter;member;register;subscript;16. (TCO 4) How many lines of output will the following loop produce?;for (inti=1, i<=4, i++);for (int j=1, j<=3, j++);System.out.println(i + ? - ? + j);(Points: 4);4;3;7;12;1. (TCO 6) All of the following are AWT components except _____. (Points: 4);Choice;JOptionPane


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