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Homework 10 - GridView..........................................;I would like you to create a GridView.;You will need to create a Ticket table within your...




Homework 10 - GridView..........................................;I would like you to create a GridView.;You will need to create a Ticket table within your SQL Server account.;You should create this table programmatically, as I demonstrated in class.;This table should be called dbo.Tickets.;You should load the SQL Server Tickets table from the Tickets text file.;Therefore, will will need to expand the string parsing to include all the fields.;You should include all the fields;even though they may not have an value to them.;Because you creating the Ticket table programmatically;any second attempt to run the application will create an error;- table already exists;unless you drop the table prior to creating the table.;You should create a DropTable subroutine using the ADO methodology for an Insert statement.;The SQL statement you need is?;drop table;So the order of these subroutines should be?;DropTable;CreateTable;LoadTable;then the GridView will be ready to view.;You should create a main menu link to turn on/off the Grid View.;You will need to change the text of the linkbutton to ? View GridView.;It should be used to toggle the display of your GridView.;The default state of the GridView should be that it is not displayed.;You should place the location of the GridView on your selected Content page;depending on which type of page layout you decided upon.;You should place the gridview approximately in the center of the page.;You will need to use of the style attribute of position:absolute.;Because the gridView is located on the Content page;and the menu is located on the Master page;you will need to use a Session variable to obtain the value, On or Off;for the display of the GridView;and check it on the Content page.;You should display four fields, plus the combination field within your GridView.;The combination field should contain at least two rows.;I spoke about this combination field calling it a ?Postal Example?.;Your will need to add ten additional attributes to the GridView.;These attributes should not be the ones I covered in class.;attributes go here;This assignment is due Monday,November 25 before 7:30 AM.;Your project should run without any errors.;If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.;I am offering two extra credits on this assignment.;If you would like to demonstrate the Paging of the GridView;or Sorting of the GridView from the click of the header for the appropriate column.;The sorting should toggle between ascending and descending order.;You only need to apply the sorting to a single column.;The extra credit is due Monday,November 25 before 7:30 AM.;Because it is extra credit, there is no extra time allowed for a lesser grade;and I will not answer assistance questions about it.;Consider the extra credit similar to an independent study assignment.


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