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Java Programming ITT 240 - Dr. Naser El-Bathy




Part 1;(Anagrams) Write a method that checks whether two words are anagrams. Two words are anagrams if they contain the same letters in any order. For example, "silent" and "listen" are anagrams. The header of the method is as follows;public static boolean isAnagram(String s1, String s2);Write a main method to invoke isAnagram("silent", "listen"), isAnagram("garden", "ranged"), and isAnagram("split", "lisp").;Part 2;(Sorting characters in a string) Write a method that returns a sorted string using the following header;public static String sort(String s);For example, sort("acb") returns abc.;Part 3;(Analyzing input) Write a program that reads ten numbers, computes their average, and finds out how many numbers are above the average.;Part 4;(Reversing the numbers entered) Write a program that reads ten integers and displays them in the reverse of the order in which they were read.;Part 5;(Printing distinct numbers) Write a program that reads in ten numbers and displays distinct numbers (i.e., if a number appears multiple times, it is displayed only once). Hint: Read a number and store it to an array if it is new. If the number is already in the array, discard it. After the input, the array contains the distinct numbers.


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