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Alice Greyjumpjet and Helicopter Squadron JAVA




Leaving on a Jet Plane: Create a world with an array containing three Grayjumpjets (Web Gallery). You may have to resize the objects.;Have each jet lift off the ground, one at a time.;Together, all three should turn and fly off together.;Reference the objects by its array name.;Helicopter Squadron: Create a world with a list containing four Helicopters (Local Gallery). Again, you may have to resize them to fit in the world?s view.;One at a time, each helicopter should have its propeller turn, and rise to the same height, still in the camera?s view.;A message should appear from each windshield, indicating its readiness for the mission. At that point, all four helicopters should move off the camera?s view in the same direction.;Once started, each helicopter?s propeller should turn throughout the story.;Reference the objects by its list name


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