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50 points total Design and implement an application that displays an animation of an image of choice (not smiling face) moving across the screen from left to right following a sinusoidal path (see sin curve) driven by the Timer. The middle (y=0) of the sine curve should be located at canvasHeight / 2. 15 points Draw a sine curve (one period) that stretches across the width of the canvas with vertical min and max ?touching? the the top and bottom of the canvas. The sine curve should be adjusted as the canvas size changes. 20 points Have the image of choice travel along the sinusoidal path at a constant speed. When the image disappears on the right hand side, it should re-appear on the left side. 15 points Adjust the speed of the moving image based on its y-position. Note that when at the peak (top of the canvas as shown below), the timer should tick at its fastest rate (smaller delay) and when at the bottom, the timer should tick at the slowest rate (larger delay). Max and min delay values should be passed to the constructor along with canvas size, foreground/drawing and background color. Note, you do not have to draw red arrows or maxSpeed, y=0, and minSpeed. See the Excel file for information on calculation of y-values


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