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I need someone to review the attached Excel spreadsheet and make corrections to it




This is an Excel worksheet that needs to be submitted and I'm not good with Excel--I did enter the information in according to the book but it needs to be corrected I'm sure but that is what its supposed to say. here are the steps that are in my book, After starting Excel and typing in the labels and values shown in the attachment. Adjust column widths if necessary. The attached sheet is whats supposed to be on there and the totals but I just put the numbers in, I didn't go through these exact steps-I don't know if that makes a difference or not but I'm sure the rows needs adjusting.The steps listed below are the steps i was supposed to do after entering the info in.;1. In cell c12, use the AutoSum button to calcualte the sum of the cells in column C. Use a similar procedure to calculate the long distance call totals for Coleman, depindeau, and Struthers in cells D12, E12, and F12.;2. In cell C13, create a formula to calculate Jamesson's share of the $20.44 basic monthly service rate by dividing the contents of cell D2 by 4. Create a similar formula for each roomate in cells D13, E13, and F13.;3. In cell C14, create a formula to calculate Jamesson's share of the total phone bill by adding the contents of cell C12 to the contents of cell C13. Create a similar formula for each roommate in cells D14, E14, and F14.;I need someone to review this and send it back to me today as soon as possible.


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