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Instructions;The EHR implementation team will soon meet with the administrators and present all of the information collected in proceeding with the EHR implementation. In preparation for this meeting, all team members are collecting information on work flow, software applications, and advantages and disadvantages of the EHR. The implementation team must understand the work flow processes in the EHR and understand the importance of each work flow process in the EHR. The team will need to know all of the facility software applications that will interact with the EHR as well as understand the advantages and disadvantages of the EHR.;Choose 1 of the department work flow processes, and put together a thorough 1-paragraph summary to explain to the team the importance of this process and how it works with the EHR. Choose 1 work flow process from the following choices;Appointment scheduling;Front desk or check-in;Nursing or clinical support;Care provider;Check-out desk;Business office or billing;Clinical staff or care provider;Discuss and describe 3 facility software applications that integrate with the EHR. Examples of software applications are electronic prescribing, speech recognition, master patient index, encoder, picture archiving and communication, personal health record (PHR), decision support, and more.;Prepare a 3-paragraph summary of each application for the implementation team, and discuss any problems that may be encountered during EHR implementation.;Describe the impact of 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of the EHR so that the implementation team can start to prepare for this discussion with the administrators.


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