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Lab- 4;Objective;The purpose of this project is to expose you to;Vectors, vector elements, input/output, parallel vectors, using vector methods to manipulating sum, and maintain vectors.;Problem Specification;Write a program to keep records and print statistical analysis for a class of students. There are three quizzes for each student during the term. Each student is identified by a four- digit student ID number. The number of students in the class is unknown. However, the last ID number is 0000. The file is included and contains the data.;The program is to print the student scores and calculate and print the statistics for each quiz. The output is in the same order as the input. The output from the program should be similar to the following: any other improvement to the output is welcomed;CIS Department ? Fall 2013;CIS 161 Class Statistics;Student Quiz 1 Quiz 2 Quiz 3 Average;1234 78 83 87 82.67;2134 67 77 84 76.00;3124 77 89 93 86.33;High score 78 89 93;Low score 67 77 84;Quiz Average 73.4 83.0 88.2;Requirements;Must use vectors to complete the task.;Vectors declarations does not include size.;Vectors are not passed by reference and you have to use pass by reference if the vector changes.;Grading Criteria;5 points There are sufficient comments in the programs.;5 points typedef is used to define all vectors.;10 points Data is read from the data file into variables then pushed back into the vector.;5 points loop is included and reads the data until the trailing value 0 for ID is encountered.;5 points A structured, hierarchical, chart is handed-in.;10 points at least 4 functions are used.;10 points Program is easy to follow and trace.;5 points the average for each student is properly calculated and stored in an array.;5 points high score for each quiz is found and displayed.;5 points low score for each quiz is found and displayed.;5 points the average for each quiz is calculated and displayed.;10 points every task is handled by a different function.;10 points headings, column and row titles are printed, formatted and looks nice.;5 points all data and calculated results are printed with proper spacing and formatting.;5 points source program, hierarchical chart and data file are submitted.;Submission Details;Hand-in the hierarchical chart, source program files, and data file.;Due Date 11-13 -2013


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