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CSCI 3122 Lab 7




CSCI 3122 Lab 7;Instructions;This lab is due on Nov 20th 2013 before class. You are to email me the program, output and one page answer for part 3 by email.;1. Using the binary tree program you wrote in class ex. 7, implement post order traversal of a Binary Tree. (30 points). Test with the values in Ex. 7;2. Using the Binary Tree Program you wrote in Class Ex. 7, implement Pre Order traversal of a Binary Tree. (30 Points). Test with the values in Ex. 7;3. Discuss the challenges involved in Binary Tree insertion and Binary Node Deletion (40 points);4. Bonus Question worth 20 points: Implement Binary Tree Node Insertion and Binary Tree Node Deletion. Test with values in Ex. 7;You should clearly show your input and your output and attach them in your email to me. Part 3 should be answered in a WORD document.


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