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Objectives;? To write a program using control structures (sequence, selection, iteration) ? To write program using functions and able to pass and receive parameter from one function to another ? To read and write data to file;Requirements;Problem Statement: You are required to create a Personal Finance Software using C++ console.;Your program must at least meet the following criteria;i. Provide several options to user to decide on the action they wish to perform such as enter expense, view monthly expense, view report etc. ii. If user chooses to enter expense, information such as date of expenses, description, category (ex: food, transport, clothes, entertainment etc), amount and etc should be entered. iii. Store above information in text file. iv. A file is created for expenses of each month in format below: expense_ _.txt v. Expenses should be captured into the files in format shown below;Date Category Description Amount (RM) 2 Food Nasi Lemak 2.50 5 Transport Taxi to KLIA 50;vi. If user chooses to view expense, they need to choose the month they wish to view. The monthly expense will be shown below;Month: August 2013;Date Category Description Amount (RM) 2 Food Nasi Lemak 2.50 5 Transport Taxi to KLIA 50;vii. Provide an analysis/summary report on expenses such as total expenses each month/year, average expense per day over a month period/year period, summary of expenses on the different category over a month period/year period.;Do include appropriate error checking and messages in your program, e.g. date, expense amount, category etc.;Your input/output should be in a formatted display. Use your own creativity to make the program as user-friendly as possible. Enforce proper validation wherever necessary.


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