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CIT255 Lab10




Lab homework due on Monday, 11/18/13;Revise the C# application from last week to allow the user to add new data to the FitnessDB. In particular, the user should be able to add a new client & select a trainer and fitness plan from the choices available. A sample exe is available to help you understand the behavior of the application.;Grading criteria;Lab 09;Max Possible;Your Score;Task Description;Following class standards and guidelines (no programming or spelling errors) and correctly submitting your files. Points lost here are subtracted from the points earned below. UI has requisite controls. Validation is used where needed. Correct data types are employed. Class file used to facilitate file handling.;3.0;Trainer combo box creation and selection correct.;3.0;Exercise plan combo box creation and selection correct.;5.0;Validation of input data thorough and correct;5.0;Adding new record to DB works correctly;4.0;Everything from lab 8 works correctly;20;0;Total Points


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