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advanced Routing and switching




Deliverable Length:4?5 pages;The OSI Layer 3 (Network Layer) is one of the layers that perform packet segmentation. The;OSI Layer 3 is roughly equivalent to the Internet Layer of the TCP/IP model and the Layer 4;(Transport Layer) of the OSI model is roughly equivalent to the Host;-;to;-;H;ost layer of the;TCP/IP model. The above two layers perform network segmentation. Based on the above;information, answer the following questions.;(a) Describe in detail how packets are segmented by the Host;-;to;-;host layer (Transport Layer);Internet Layer of;the TCP/IP model.;(b) Do all packets arrive at their destination in the order in which they were segmented and;transmitted? Why or why not?;(c) Describe how segmented packets are re;-;arranged or reassembled at the packets’;destination to ensure that rece;ived segmented packets match the order in which they were;segmented and transmitted.;(d) How are errors handled during transmission of segmented packets?;(e) What's the difference between a TCP segment and a TCP packet?


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