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Data Mining And Warehousing 1




Your supervisor has asked you to create a new entity-relationship diagram for a company called Moonlight Distributors for what would be a customized shipment tracking system. Use the information below to develop the diagram.;Conceptual Model;Pickup Manifest;Customer information;Pickup details;Consignee information;Payment methods;Delivery Truck Details;Route number;Driver's name;Employee ID;Time logged out;List of delivery manifests;Delivery Manifest;Consignee information;Delivery details;Payment methods;Condition of goods delivered;Date of delivery;Consignee signature;Problems with delivery;Assignment Guidelines;Create an entity-relationship diagram using the conceptual data model located in the assignment description.;Paste your ER diagram into a Word document, and save it as U1A1LastName.;Your submitted assignment must include the following;A Word document containing your entity-relationship diagram named U1A1LastName.;Deliverable Length;1-2-page Word document


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