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IS 530 ?Principles of Information Security




Unit 1: Discussion;Information Assurance (IA) has evolved in recent years with Information Security (IS) and must continue to evolve to protect from a wide range of risks that currently exist today. Information assurance generally focuses on information in digital form but includes analog and physical data as well. Information assurance is derived from Information Security (IS) which originated from practices around computer security. Understanding our need for security to protect and sustain data for the organization and customers is a cornerstone to success in information assurance practices.;Does replicating SDLC with SecSDLC work well for the many various types of threats and issues in network security? Why or why not?;Discussing our need for security from chapter 2, expand on types of threats you've experienced in terms of being the user, student, or employee. Then discuss security fixes that could prevent this in the future. I encourage internet research to support viewpoint of security issues or fixes.;For each bulleted item, respond to at least two of your classmates' posts whose response differs from your own. Explain why you agree or disagree with his/her responses. Be sure to respond to posts' made to your initial response. For the second bullet point, please list your reference if you use the Internet to support your viewpoints of security issues or fixes.


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