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Exam;Question 1;For a network tech, one benefit of understanding the OSI seven-layer model and how traffic in an actual network works through the model is applying this knowledge to _______________ networks. Answer;purchasing NICs;connecting to the Internet;troubleshooting;securing a PC;1 points;Question 2;What device do you need to split a large network into smaller ones? Answer;NIC;hub;router;MAC address;1 points;Question 3;What is the Network layer unique identifier assigned to each device on a TCP/IP network? Answer;IP address;MAC address;router name;port number;1 points;Question 4;Which TCP/IP model layer uses connection-oriented protocols? Answer;Internet;Application;Link;Transport;1 points;Question 5;Which layer of the TCP/IP model performs IP addressing functions? Answer;Layer 1;Layer 2;Layer 3;Layer 4;1 points;Question 6;Of the following, which is the fastest category of UTP cabling? Answer;CAT5;CAT3;CAT5e;CAT6;1 points;Question 7;Which kind of cable does not provide any protection against EMI? Answer;UTP;STP;fiber;coax;1 points;Question 8;Which kind of cable works best for long-distance transmissions? Answer;coax;UTP;STP;fiber-optic;1 points;Question 9;Most network technologies that use fiber-optics use which type of fiber-optic cables? Answer;single-mode;CAT 6;multimode;50 Ohm;1 points;Question 10;What organization provides a variety of industry-wide cabling standards, such as those for serial, parallel, and FireWire? Answer;IBM;IEEE;ISO;ARPA;1 points;Question 11;Which IEEE subcommittee sets the standards for Wireless LAN networks? Answer;802.2;802.3;802.5;802.11;1 points;Question 12;At which layer of the OSI model does network cabling belong? Answer;Physical;Data Link;Network;Transport;1 points;Question 13;Which connector is used for UTP cabling on a network? Answer;RF-11;BNC;RS-232;RJ-45;1 points;Question 14;What is the maximum distance between a hub and a node on a 10BaseT network? Answer;2.5 meters;100 meters;50 meters;500 meters;1 points;Question 15;What kind of cabling does the 10BaseFL standard specify? Answer;coax;STP;UTP;fiber-optic;1 points;Question 16;Which of the following is NOT an advantage of fiber-optic cabling over UTP? Answer;The signals travel farther.;It has a longer maximum distance.;It is easier and cheaper to install than UTP.;It is immune to electrical interference.;1 points;Question 17;How many pairs of pins in an RJ-45 connector does a 10BaseT device actually use? Answer;2;4;6;8;1 points;Question 18;Which of the following is true of an Ethernet hub? Answer;It works as an amplifier to boost signal strength.;It reads a signal coming in from one port and repeats the signal out to the other ports.;It reduces the collisions on an Ethernet network.;It sends the same signal back down the port that originally sent it.;1 points;Question 19;What basis do bridges use to determine whether to forward traffic? Answer;MAC addresses;IP addresses;traffic conditions at the time;nothing because bridges forward all traffic;1 points;Question 20;Of all the Gigabit Ethernet standards detailed in the chapter, which maintains a signal over the greatest distance? Answer;1000BaseT;1000BaseTCX;1000BaseLX;1000BaseCX;1 points;Question 21;What type of fiber-optic cable is used in a 1000BaseLX network? Answer;twinaxial;multimode;single-mode fiber;CAT 6;1 points;Question 22;What is the most common connector used in a 1000BaseSX network? Answer;RJ-45;LC;SC;RJ-11;1 points;Question 23;The "W" in the standard 10GBaseSW stands for which type of signaling? Answer;LAN;wireless;SONET/WAN;radio;1 points;Question 24;The "R" in the standard 10GBaseSR stands for which type of signaling? Answer;LAN;wireless;SONET/WAN;radio;1 points;Question 25;What is the solution manufacturers devised to accommodate the need for switches to connect to a variety of 10 GbE connector types? Answer;SC connectors;ST connectors;multisource agreements (MSAs);twinaxial cable;1 points;Question 26;The problem of modal distortion, involving light bouncing back and forth at a sharp angle as it travels down a cable, is unique to which type of fiber-optic cable? Answer;single-mode;multimode;multifiber;solid core;1 points;Question 27;What network component is built into most PCs today? Answer;switch;router;patch panel;NIC;1 points;Question 28;What type of connector is used by all UTP Ethernet NICs? Answer;SC;RJ-11;RJ-45;ST;1 points;Question 29;With Windows, what can you use to verify that Windows recognizes a NIC and is ready to use it? Answer;My Network Places;The Control Panel;ipconfig;Device Manager;1 points;Question 30;What is the name for the practice of using multiple NICs for a single machine in order to double (or more) the speed between that machine and a switch? Hint: Another term for this is link aggregation. Answer;dispersion;bonding;loopback;attenuation;1 points;Question 31;If this light is on a NIC, it turns on and flickers when the NIC detects network traffic. Answer;collision light;TDR;power light;activity light;1 points;Question 32;Tripplet Corporation manufactures a very popular tool called a "Fox and Hound." What type of tool is this? Answer;toner;network sniffer;switch;cable puller;1 points;Question 33;You support a large, complicated network. After experiencing problems and testing the cabling, you have discovered a bad horizontal cable. What should you do next? Answer;Replace the cable yourself.;Leave the cable, string another cable.;Find the break and repair it.;Hire an experienced installer.;1 points;Question 34;Which protocol uses datagrams as its Protocol Data Unit? Answer;UDP;IP;TCP;ICMP;1 points;Question 35;Which of the following protocols are connection-oriented? Answer;UDP;IP;ICMP;TCP;1 points;Question 36;Which of the following protocols uses TCP as its transport layer protocol? Answer;TFTP;SNMP;HTTP;ICMP;1 points;Question 37;At which layer of the TCP/IP protocol stack do HTTP, FTP, and DNS reside? Answer;Application layer;Internet layer;Transport layer;Link layer;1 points;Question 38;How many binary digits are in an IPv4 address? Answer;4;8;16;32;1 points;Question 39;What is the MAC broadcast address? Answer;;;FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF;;1 points;Question 40;Which of the following automatically gives out IP information to computers that request it? Answer;DNS;ping;DHCP;ARP;1 points;Question 41;What is the default subnet mask for a class C network? Answer;;;;;1 points;Question 42;What is the name of the proprietary cable designed by Cisco for connecting to their routers? Answer


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