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AlwaysClean is a Laundromat that has three operations: wash, dry, and iron. It takes 30 minutes to wash one load, 40 minutes to dry one load, and 20 minutes to iron one load.;1. How much time will it take to perform 30 loads sequentially, without pipelining?;2. How much time will it take with pipelining? Fully explain your calculation. Hint: Draw a diagram to help you analyze the timing.;3. Identify a non- computer process that uses pipelining.;Part 2: memory location;Suppose A, X,Y, and Z are four computer memory locations that hold different values, write a simple machine language program to compute A= X+Y-Z.;The computer has two registers (R1 and R2) dedicated to arithmetic operations and only the following operations;LOAD R,M copy the value from memory location M (M is one of A, X, Y, or Z) into register R;(R is either R1 or R2);STORE R, M copy the value from register R into memory location M;ADD add the values of R1 and R2 together and store the result in R1;SUB Subtract the value of R2 from R1 and store the result in R1;SWAP exchange the values stored in R1 and R2;HALT stop program execution;Write a sequence of instructions using only these operations to perform the computation and then stop program execution. Explain your reasoning.;Remember to properly site your sources according to APA guidelines.


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