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consists of computer equipment used to perform input, processing, and output activities.;a. Information technology c. Telecommunications;b. Technology infrastructure d. Hardware;2. include(s) all the people who manage, run, program, and maintain the system, including the CIO, who;manages the IS department.;a. End users c. Analysts;b. Hardware operators d. IS personnel;3. A common type of information system used in business organizations are those designed for.;a. electronic and mobile commerce c. decision support;b. transaction processing d. all of the above;4. A(n) is an organized collection of people, procedures, software, databases, and devices that support;problem-specific decision making.;a. TPS c. DSS;b. MIS d. Virtual reality system;5. is a branch of artificial intelligence that allows computers to recognize and act on patterns or trends.;a. Vision systems c. Robotic systems;b. Neural networks d. Natural language processing;6. helps determine what supplies are required for the value chain, what quantities are needed to meet customer demand, how the supplies should be manufactured into finished goods and services, and how the;D. supply chain management;7 Each central processing unit consists of two primary elements: the arithmetic/logic unit and the unit.;2. memory c. control;3. input/output d. ALU;8 is the use of a collection of computers, often owned by many people or different organizations, to work;in a coordinated manner to solve a common problem.;a. cloud computing c. parallel computing;b. grid computing d. none of the above;9 A(n) uses computer servers, distributed storage devices, and networks to tie everything together.;a. digital video disk c. storage area network;b. virtual tape d. RAID storage device;10. The _ is an advanced optical disk technology still in development that would store more data than even the Blu-ray optical disk system.;i. holographic versatile disc c. RAID storage device;ii. virtual tape d. CD-ROM R/W;10 displays are flat displays that use liquid crystals to l'orm characters and graphic images on a backlit;screen.;a. CRT c. OLED;b. Plasma d. LCD;11 is an open source operating system whose source code is freely available to everyone.;a. Unix c. Linux;b. Snow Leopard d. Red Hat;12 Literally thousands of programming languages have been developed, but only are commonly used;today.;a. a couple c. a few dozen;b. one dozen d. a hundred or so;13 The smallest piece of data used by a computer is the.;a. tcrrabytc c. character;b. field d. bit;14 A collection of fields about a specific object is a(n).;a. attribute c. record;b. file d. primary key;15 Basic data manipulations include which involves eliminating rows in a relational database.;a. selecting c. projecting;b. joining d. linking;16 is a visual approach to developing database requests.;a. Concurrency control c. Data definition language;b. Query by example d. Data manipulation language;17 The position is a non-technical position responsible lor defining and implementing consistent principles;for setting data standards and data definitions that apply across all the databases in an organization.;a. data analyst c. database administrator;19. A(n) typically stores three to ten years of historical summary data records from many operational;systems and external data sources so that it can be used for business analysis.;7. organizational file c. data warehouse;8. database d. knowledge base;20. A(n) contains a subset of data for a single aspect of a company's business and are used by smaller;groups who want to access detailed data for business analysis.;a. OLTP database c. data mart;b. data warehouse d. data mine;21. A database in which data can be spread across several smaller databases connected through telecommunications devices is called a(n).;a. data mart c. replicated database;b. distributed database d. data synchronization;22. Companies such as IBM have developed database systems to allow different databases to work together;as a unified database system.;a. Relational c. Replicated;b. Distributed d. Virtual;23. Many utilities, cities, and organizations are experimenting with to provide Internet access to homes and;businesses over standard high-voltage power lines.;a. DSL c. 4G;b. Wi-MAX d. BPL;24. is NOT a frequency commonly used for wireless communications.;a. infrared c. radio;b. microwave d. ULF;25. is a wireless telecommunications technology brand owned by an alliance of 300 technology companies;that is popping up at airports, coffee shops, college campuses, libraries, and restaurant.;a. Wi-MAX c. Sci-FI;b. Wi-Fi d. UWB;26. can support wireless communications at a rate of 70 Mbps between towers located up to 30 miles apart.;a. Wi-Fi c. Bluetooth;b. Wi-Max d. Ultra wideband;27. the RIM operating system is used in the smartphone;a. Apple iFhone c. BlackBerry;b. Palm d. Android;28. blocks Internet content that it feels is subversive or threatening to "national unity.;a. Ireland c. United States;b. China d. France;29. is a network protocol that enables traffic to be routed amono all the network?! ronner.tpH tn thp Internet;30 is an object-orientcd programming language from Sun Microsystems which allows small programs;called applets to be embedded within an HTML document.;9. XML c. PHP;10..NET d. Java;31 is a valuable tool that enables you to find information on the Web by specifying words or phrases know;as keywords, which are related to a topic of interest.;11. Web browser c. Web portal;12. Search engine d. none of the above;32 A(n) can be used in an enterprise to enable the sharing of information between employees, training for;new employees, or customer support for products.;wiki c. Web analytics software;Web portal d. search engine optimization;33 MISs typically provide standard reports generated with data and information from a TPS or ERP system;34 According to Porter's five-forces model, the more these forces combine in any instance, the less likely firms will seek competitive advantage and the less dramatic the results of such an advantage will be.;35 Today, companies are shifting from strategic management to performance-based management of their information systems and carefully consider both strategic advantage and costs.;36 Information systems can help bring new products and services in less time thus reducing time to market.;37 One of the primary advantages of a relational database is that it allows tables to be linked to reduce data redundancy and allow data to be organized more logically.;38 One of the first steps in installing and using a large database involves "telling" the DBMS the logical and physical structure of the data and the relationships among the data for each user.;39 Choosing which smart phones to purchase such as the Palm Pre, Blackberry Curve, and Apple iPhone 3 is extremely difficult because they arc all nearly identical in terms of size, functions, and cost plus they can all run the same applications.;40 With decentralized processing, processing devices are placed at various remote locations, but each device is isolated and does not communicate with any other device.


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