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Question #2 Recursion! REQUIRED FOR ALL STUDENTS! Solve each of the three (3) programs below. You only need to provide three (3) numbers as your answer - one for 2a, one for 2b, and one for 2c.;Code for 2a;start;output recursiveA(2);stop;num recursiveA(num x);Declarations;num result;if x = 1 then;result = x;else;result = x * (recursiveA(x-1));endif;return result;Code for 2b;start;output recursiveB(0);stop;num recursiveB(num x);Declarations;num result;if x = 0 then;result = x;else;result = x * (recursiveB(x-1));endif;return result;Code for 2c;start;output recursiveC(2);stop;num recursiveC(num x);Declarations;num result;if x = 0 then;result = x;else;result = x * (recursiveC(x-1));endif;return result;Question #3 Create the pseudocode for a game application that contains an array of five (5) multiple-choice questions related to your favorite hobby. Each question contains four answer choices ? A?, B?, C?, D? (the ??s are your potential answers including the correct answer). All four (4) choices for each question should be stored in a parallel array. Also create another parallel array that holds the correct answer to each question?A, B, C, or D. NOTE: all arrays are single-dimension.;When a player starts (launches) this game app, pass each question to a method that displays the question and accepts the player?s answer (A, B, C, or D). If the player does not enter a valid (not necessarily a correct) answer choice, force the player to reenter the choice until the player enters a valid (might not be a correct answer) value of A, B, C or D. Return the player?s valid (but not necessarily correct) answer to the main program. After the player?s answer is returned to the main program, pass it and the correct answer to a method that determines whether the values are equal and displays an appropriate message. After the player answers all five questions, display the number of correct and incorrect answers that the player chose. Be sure to use the concepts of this chapter where appropriate ? arguments/parameters, return values, void, etc.


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