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The goal of this game is to eat all the dots, kinda like Pac-man.;The little dots will be 3 points a piece and the big dots will;double(2x) your score. Each move will deduct 1 point from your;score. The object of the game is to get the highest score;possible. The game terminates when the user has eaten all the;dots.;Requirements;Functions;readFileName(1 param);Your program should read in the file name as a;string.;update (4 params);Update the current location based on keyboard;input Update the previous location (for scoring);updateScore(1 param);Update the score for the program.;updateDrawing(1 param);Update the data buffer to reflect changes made in;update;asm_main;Must terminate when the game is finished.;Must call all the function above at least once.;Documentation;Each function must have documentation stating (extra;functions included);-what registers are used.;-what the function does;-what the parameters to the functions are;Mazes;Your program should include two mazes that you have;designed yourself.;Turn in;final.asm (you must name it this, or you will lose all the;points!);maze1.txt;maze2.txt


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