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EDIT 11/7/13 12:34 EST: SORRY FOR NOT BEING ON HERE. HOWEVER, I AM STILL LOOKING FOR HELP! IF NOT, I WILL JUST GOOGLE. I SEE ONE TEACHER I MIGHT USE BUT I WANNA SEE IF THERE ARE ANY MORE.PLEASE, PPL WITH HIGH RATINGS AND ALOT OF REVIEWS!;here is the situation. i just made a move from being an accounting major to being a cybersecurity leaning towards making accounting my minor but i don't know yet. but with school scheduling, i have time off until january (when classes start back up). so here is my request.;Can someone make me a study guide on cybersecurity? Pretty much everything I need to know. But somehow write it out so a novice (somewhat like myself. I know a little bit about computers =D) will get it. Kinda like a cybersecurity for dummies, i guess. I will definitely appreciate it and keep you in mind if i ever need help.;NO PLAGIARISM;HIGH RATINGS ONLY. PREFERABLY THOSE WHO ARE IN CPU SCIENCE/CYBERSECURITY WILL GET A RESPONSE FROM ME!!;QUALITY IS VERY IMPORTANT!!;DUE DATE: ASAP. IM TRYING TO GET A HEAD START BEFORE MY ESSENTIALS CLASS.;I MIGHT BUY 1.I MIGHT BUY MORE.FYI;Also, if you want, I need someone to reassure me that majoring in cybersecurity is a good thing. And also give me an opinion on what minor I should take with cybersecurity. If i wanted to get a minor in accounting, I would be almost done, but at the same time, whatever minor will make me money, I am all for it. So anyone one with career advice on this matter will be greatly appreciated (those who work in the field or those with stats on it). Just message me. But I am mainly here for the study guide.


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