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Required;1) Create a Java Program to calculate the net pay for an employee.;2) In this payroll program, you will need to allow the user to input the following;information;Input your First Name: Elmer;Input your Last Name: Fudd;Input the Amount of Hours Worked: 10.0 Input the Hourly Rate: 10.0;3) Pay attention to the data types of the First Name and Last Name (character) and the Hours Worked and Hourly Rate (numeric).;4) Note that the federal taxes are calculated at 15% of gross pay and state taxes are calculated at 8% of gross pay.;5) The following output is expected;Payroll Information for Fudd, Elmer: {blank line};Hours Worked: Hourly Rate: {blank line} Gross Pay: Federal Taxes: State Taxes;Net Pay;10.00 10.00;100.00 15.00 8.00 ------ 77.00;6) All shop standards are to be followed as instructed in class.;7) The output listed above must be mathematically correct, however, formatting;of the numbers with the decimal places and right justification is not required.;8) Save the source code as ?;9) You will submit the Java file to the Dropbox for this lab assignment on or;before the due date.;Enrichment (not required for the lab);1) Display all numerical amounts above with a forced two decimal places.;2) Display all numerical amounts above with commas where appropriate (i.e.;if the gross pay was 1100, you would display it as 1,100.00 3) Force the display to be right justified.


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