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Using this file;FirstName LastName Company Address City County State ZIP Phone Fax Email Web Convert to Pig Latin;Eddie Vazquez Osweep Industries 14316 Hancock Circle Richdale Anchorage AK 99515 907-456-8510 907-456-2326 The Customer's Name is Eddie Vazquez and they work for Osweep Industries;Chris Robinson Finch Products 2133 N West Street Deerford Maricopa AZ 85004 602-141-3716 602-141-2898 The Customer's Name is Chris Robinson and they work for Finch Products;Brooklynn Taylor Prism Globe Inc 48 E 13th Blvd Corway Hills New York NY 10001 212-778-6886 212-778-6875 The Customer's Name is Brooklynn Taylor and they work for Prism Globe Inc;Zion Miller Switch Pen Company 196 State Ave Lawnworth Middlesex NJ 8861 732-331-5270 732-331-4107 The Customer's Name is Zion Miller and they work for Switch Pen Company;Ruby Flynn Snap Sun Services 3175 W Carrier Lane Meadowburg Honolulu HI 96819 808-947-7855 808-947-7119 The Customer's Name is Ruby Flynn and they work for Snap Sun Services;Bob Lewis Code Planet Properties 22652 E Easton St East Fortview Lake Will IL 60410 815-356-3760 815-356-1330 The Customer's Name is Bob Lewis and they work for Code Planet Properties;Susan Hernandez Light Table Bearings 9630 S City Ave Kingstown Reservoir Maricopa AZ 85051 602-842-3864 602-842-4662 The Customer's Name is Susan Hernandez and they work for Light Table Bearings;Vicky Perez Lime Cake Records 7421 Jefferson Pkwy Hearthbridge Lehigh PA 18087 610-284-7632 610-284-5884 The Customer's Name is Vicky Perez and they work for Lime Cake Records;Lee Hill Round Rock Engineers 884 W Glendale Rd Old Lindenfield Grove Los Angeles CA 91790 626-849-7849 626-849-2614 The Customer's Name is Lee Hill and they work for Round Rock Engineers;Mary Edwards Simple Byte Technologies 6122 E Blue Vine Prkwy Upper Caldbrook Orange FL 32809 407-746-3200 407-746-1395 The Customer's Name is Mary Edwards and they work for Simple Byte Technologies;Jennifer Davis Quicker Span Reviews 2598 Oak Rd East Maymeadow Shelby TN 38112 901-438-6447 901-438-4022 The Customer's Name is Jennifer Davis and they work for Quicker Span Reviews;Michelle Martin Diamond Post Surveys 329 Brush Cir NW Belcove Marion OR 97302 503-260-7108 503-260-7000 The Customer's Name is Michelle Martin and they work for Diamond Post Surveys;Conner Lee Cash Pad Loans 116 Rail Way Adamsfield Mahoning OH 44512 330-869-4252 330-869-4647 The Customer's Name is Conner Lee and they work for Cash Pad Loans;Colin Brown Easy Rug Cleaners 1612 W Bay Rd Bridgeing Orange CA 92802 714-661-3939 714-661-2748 The Customer's Name is Colin Brown and they work for Easy Rug Cleaners;Sheila Garcia Clear Blue Window Cleaning 152 Broad Ln Portcroft Cove Bexar TX 78205 210-340-4128 210-340-1086 The Customer's Name is Sheila Garcia and they work for Clear Blue Window Cleaning;Rosy King Shots Manufacturing 6930 Bass Stream Blvd Old Clarksfax Hennepin MN 55428 763-426-3083 763-426-2774 The Customer's Name is Rosy King and they work for Shots Manufacturing;David Baker Box State Trading Corporation 6728 Timbuck St Pittsfort Mahoning OH 44406 330-644-7457 330-644-9322 The Customer's Name is David Baker and they work for Box State Trading Corporation;Willa Roberts Low Sky Seating Company 1519 Hawk Ave Coleford El Paso TX 79925 915-660-1619 915-660-4618 The Customer's Name is Willa Roberts and they work for Low Sky Seating Company;Tiana Williams Country Boxes 24969 Tibbs Circle Christiansmount Los Angeles CA 91355 661-368-4194 661-368-1035 The Customer's Name is Tiana Williams and they work for Country Boxes;Douglas Ingram Quicker Cupcakes 3450 Lion Rd Brunsbeach Nueces TX 78408 361-773-7322 361-773-2874 The Customer's Name is Douglas Ingram and they work for Quicker Cupcakes;Colt Lopez Case Electronics 370 Stock Ave Fort Hansville Middlesex NJ 8861 732-553-9625 732-553-2886 The Customer's Name is Colt Lopez and they work for Case Electronics;Stephen Phillips Brown Technologies 1095 SW 2nd Rd New Hamford Vanderburgh IN 47713 812-310-3693 812-310-6514 The Customer's Name is Stephen Phillips and they work for Brown Technologies;Catherine Smith Side Sauce Spices 140 E 4th Street Hempline Island New York NY 10018 212-830-5063 212-830-8652 The Customer's Name is Catherine Smith and they work for Side Sauce Spices;Calvin Morris;Zippy Sandwic;Step 1: Given a file of data, read the data and parse it based on a fixed given field headers. To download the file, select the following link: Unit 4 Sample Data. Eliminate the last column (Pig-Latin) in the data file.;The file is a comma delimited file with the following record structure;FirstName ? Character ? Size (12);LastName ? Character ? Size (16);Company ? Character ? Size (32);Address ? Character ? Size (32);City ? Character ? Size (24);County ? Character ? Size (24);State ? Character ? Size (2);ZIP ? Number ? Size (5);Phone ? Character ? Size (12);Fax ? Character ? Size (12);Email ? Character ? Size (32);Web ? Character ? Size (42);Step 2: Write a complete C# program in console mode to load the data file as a sequential file using C# System.IO library into an ArrayList data structure (using the System.Collection library) Store each line in the file as a separate record.;Step 3: After the file is loaded into the ArrayList, sort the data in ascending order based on the LastName field and Display the following fields;First name;Last name;Company;Step 4: Next, sort the data in descending order based on the ZIP field, and display the following fields;First name;Last name;Company;ZIP;Step 5: Display all the records (and all its fields) for everyone that is in the state "NY.;Step 6: Submit the source code for the solution and the output screenshots for the following list. You can use any appropriate algorithm in the solution.;Sorted data based on last name;Sorted data based on ZIP;Everyone in the state of NY;Please submit your assignment.;For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.;Course Materials;hes;supply screen shot when done 79 W Broadway Ave;Bayw ay Franklin OH 43215 614-114-7890 614-114-5010;The Customer's Name is Calvin Morris and they work for Zippy Sandwiches


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