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Java Inter assignment 4




It is time to complete your sales tracker application. Your marketing department would like the current dollar amount of goods sold this year to be calculated. Total of the goods sold is the combined total of supplies, services, and paper sold, for all sales accounts. This information will be used to promote the success of the company.;Your application needs to be modified to allow all sales personnel to enter their sales data.;For each sales personnel in the company, complete the following;F1: Accept a sales person?s entry for the dollar amount of office supplies sold, books sold, and apparel sold.;The sum of these three categories will be the total of their supplies sold.;F2: Accept a sales person?s entry for the number of hours of service hours sold and rate per hour.;F3: Accept a sales person?s entry for the number of pounds of paper sold and the price per pound.;Displays the total current sales to date in all 3 categories for the sales person: supplies, books, and paper.;Modify the application to display the total aggregate sales for all sales personnel combined.;Example: Total sales for 2010: $12,500,552;Your application will use the Accounts inheritance hierarchy designed previously to compute the total of goods sold.;There are three types of sales accounts that track sales for your company;Supplies;Services;Paper.;Each has their own formula for computing the current sales;Supplies = office supplies sold dollar amount + books sold dollar amount + apparel sold dollar amount;Services = number of hours * rate per hour;Paper = number of pounds * price per pound;Update your design document with these modifications;Intermediate-level Java programming should be demonstrated in your application;There should be implemented constructors for each class.;The toString() method should be overridden to provide readable string representation of each object.;Getters and setters need to be implemented to enforce data hiding.;Code should be fully commented.;Program flow should be logical.;Behavior should be encapsulated into methods avoiding all encompassing large main() methods.;Projects should be developed in NetBeans and zipped prior to submission.;Code should compile and run free of exceptions, indicating that debugging tools were used to eliminate any run time errors.;Preparation for what will be submitted in Discussion Board - Key Assignment Draft;Update your design document with any final changes. Your design document must include at a minimum;Functional requirements.;Class diagrams used to describe the system.;Description of any design requirements imposed by your technical leadership.;Pseudocode for application.;Submit the following;Zipped NetBeans project;Design document


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