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Computers And SQL




Write SQL DML statements that address the following requirements;Update the Employees table and give all employees making less than $10 per hour a 5% increase.;List all records/fields in the EMPLOYEES table in order of the employee?s last name.;List all records/fields in the EMPLOYEES table in order of the department name.;List employee names, hourly pay rate and department name for employees making between (and including) $10 and $30 per hour.;What is the total organization payroll assuming each employee works 40 hours per week?;Using the tables you created in Unit 2?s project database (excluding the Employees and Departments tables), create one or more SQL queries to demonstrate your understanding of the following concepts;WHERE clause using comparison operators;ORDER BY clause;JOINS;Aggregation;Hint: The assignment refers to the "Department Name". That field is stored in the Departments table. A join is needed.;Deliverable: One Word document with at least nine queries. For each query include;SQL in text format (not a screen shot);Screen shots of SQL results;NEED A WORD DOCUMENT AND THE.ACCDB FILE;(Word document and.accdb file);MUST USE THE TEMPLATE!!!!


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