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Annotated Bibliography;One challenge for a security professional is to stay aware of "bleeding edge" technological developments. This project requires you to identify and research an emerging bleeding edge technology and to provide an annotated bibliography to guide or direct the reader to enough information to understand the technology. Hint: Try various universities, dissertations, and research forums. For example, Carnegie Mellon has this site:;In addition, UMUC librarians can provide assistance and guide you to appropriate resource databases.;Description;Using university databases/websites and other sources of information, conduct a search on your selected emerging technology.;Follow the formatting requirements given below. Use American Psychological Association (APA) style for formatting.;Project Details;In one to three paragraphs, describe the technology you selected, why you selected it, and how you see this technology being used as it matures, including its possible impact on organizations and its possible contributions to the field of cybersecurity. Explain why you selected the references you did for this technology.;Submit a list of three to five academically credible references, with clickable links where appropriate (for me to access and review the material). Links must be available to the reader, therefore, please provide direct links and not links through databases.;Provide the exact source, whether it is a journal article, a book, a newspaper story, or a special website. If the reference is a website, provide the exact URL?the persistent link?you used. Hint: Do not list a search engine as a reference. For example, Google is not a valid reference, Wikipedia is also not a valid reference for academic research.;To create a hyperlink in Microsoft Word, copy and paste the link from your browser into the Microsoft Word document, or type it. If the link does not appear as an active link, select the text, then choose the Insert Hyperlink option from the format menu. Test all links to ensure that they accurately retrieve the reference articles.;For the annotation for each reference, do the following;describe the content (focus) of the item/article or published material;describe the usefulness of the item;discuss any limitations that the item has?e.g., grade level, timeliness;describe the intended audience of the item;discuss any conclusions the author(s) make;describe your reaction to the item;provide a determination of the objectivity of the article or published material. Is the article biased? Does it present a slant? Is the article useful for helping an organization or an individual make decisions?;Project Purpose;Your annotated bibliography will serve a number of purposes. It will;provide a review of the literature on a particular technology;illustrate the quality of the research you have done;provide examples of the types of sources available;describe other items on a topic that may be of interest to the reader;explore the subject for further research


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