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Question 1 Fictitious Professor allows students to drop the two lowest scores on the 10 quizzes he gives during the semester. Each quiz is worth a maximum of 100 points.;In class, your instructor wrote the pseudocode for an application that allows the professor to enter a student name and 10 quiz scores for each of his 20 students. The output lists each student?s name, and total points for each student?s eight highest-scoring quizzes. The pseudocode for this in the OUT box labeled Chapter8-1-CodeForStudents.doc.;Your assignment: Modify the application?s pseudocode so that the students are displayed in alphabetical order by name. You will create 2 methods ? sortNames() and swapNames() and you only need to turn in these two (2) new methods as your solution to this exam question ? be sure to see the pseudocode in Chapter8-1-CodeForStudents.doc file.;Question 2. - The Bus Company charges fares to passengers based on the number of travel zones they cross. Additionally, discounts are provided for multiple passengers traveling together. Ticket fares are shown in the following table;ZONES CROSSED;PASSENGERS;0;1;2;3;1;7.50;10.00;12.00;12.75;2;14.00;18.50;22.00;23.00;3;20.00;21.00;32.00;33.00;4;25.00;27.50;36.00;37.00;Write the pseudocode for a program that accepts the number of passengers and zones crossed as input until a sentinel value is entered for passengers. The output is the ticket charge.


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