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CPP Questions APPLE and ShoppingCart




1: Consider the class Apple. Given your knowledge of some common components of apples;?show a class hierarchy in which the class Apple inherits from other classes, which, in turn, can also be inherited from yet other classes;?discuss inheritance from class Apple for other closely related derived classes, and;?discuss the common components of class Apple.;2: Given the following program description;?identify the required classes/objects necessary to achieve the program requirements;?briefly describe any relationships that might exist between your classes, and;?briefly describe the overall hierarchy of your proposed classes.;Program Description - You have been asked to create a program designed to ring up orders in any store. The program must create a new electronic "shopping cart" with a unique ID that can be associated with a specific customer. The shopping cart must accept any number of items including both taxable and non-taxable items, and it should calculate the tax on the order and display the final price.;3: Define and implement the overloaded constructors that support the following test function for a Date class. The data members for the Date class are;?year - integer number;?month - integer number;?day - integer number


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