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Part I: (Short Answer);1. In Java, what are the three different ways you can implement an interface?;2. Discuss examples of ?is-a? and ?has-a? relationships and possible Java implementations.;3. When is it appropriate to use the various techniques for handling exceptions?;4. When is it appropriate to use an applet?;5. Discuss how to convert a GUI application into an applet.;First International Resource Management, Inc. (aka. FIRM) asks you to develop programs to solve the;following problem.;FIRM pays its employees on a weekly basis. FIRM has four types of employees: salaried employees, who are paid a fixed weekly salary regardless of the number of hours worked, hourly employees, who are paid by the hour and receive overtime pay, commission employees, who are paid a percentage of their sales, and salaried-commission employees, who receive a base salary plus a percentage of their sales. FIRM wants to implement a java application that performs its payroll calculations polymorphically. Of course each employ belongs to a department.;Based on the description of the problem and several discussions with the client, a class diagram is agreed upon and the class hierarchy is shown in the diagram. At first, the management wants to see a GUI application about three employee types: HourlyEmployee, SalariedEmployee, and CommissionEmployee.


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