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This Special Problems assignment explores pipelining in greater detail.;Activities;[1] Download and run PIPEDEMO.EXE, which provides a graphical illustration of pipelined operating inside the Intel 80486 processor;PIPEDEMO.EXE;It will look similar to this when running;[2] If you click Next, PIPEDEMO will compare 80486 code execution with the Pentium's execution;[3] If you click Next again, PIPEDEMO will compare Pentium execution code samples;[4] Fully investigate all features of PIPEDEMO. Keep the following questions in mind as you work with the utility;Does it provide a useful illustration?;Does it help you understand pipelines and their related issues?;Did the course material prepare you to appreciate what PIPEDEMO is doing?;What are all the results of each full execution of code in the various scenarios? What do the results mean to you?;[5] Write and submit a two-page summary of your thoughts about pipelining and the PIPEDEMO utility.


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