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Write a program that will calculate the cost of a phone call as follows;The first 10 minutes are charged at a flat rate of $0.99 for the entire 10 minutes (Not 99 cents a minute - but 99 cents for the first 10 minutes total).;Every minute after the initial 10 minutes will be charged at $0.25 per minute.;Input the number of minutes talked as an integer.;Using an IF/ELSE structure, check for an entry of 0 minutes first, and inform the User that no minutes were entered.;IF 0 minutes are entered THEN;output an error message stating that no minutes were entered.;ELSE;Calculate and display the results.;The final display will show the minutes and the final cost.;The price will be formatted with 2 decimal places.;Add the code necessary to force the display window to stay open until you press a key from the keyboard;system ("pause");Test your program thoroughly with the following data;1. 9 minutes;2. 10 minutes;3. 11 minutes;4. 35 minutes;DO NOT use the "return 0" code to force an exit from within your IF/ELSE structure. Let the program progress to the end of the main function. The end of the main function is the only place that the ?return


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