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This program counts how many sales are made in each of 5 categories of products.;// The user continuously enters a category number (1-5) and then enters a 9 to quit.;// At the end the program prints a list of the category names and the number;// of sales that were made for that category.;// Categories are: 1=Infants, 2=Children, 3=Teens, 4=Men, 5=Women;start;Declarations;num category;num SIZE = 5;num QUIT = 9;num sales[category] = 0, 0, 0, 0, 0;housekeeping();while category = QUIT;mainLoop();endwhile;endOfJob();stop;housekeeping();output "Enter category or ", QUIT, " to quit;input category;return;mainLoop();if category >= 1 AND category <= SIZE then;sales[category - 1] = sales[category] + 1;else;output "Invalid category;endif;output "Enter category or ", QUIT, " to quit;input category;return;endOfJob();Declarations;string HEAD1 = "Sales;string HEAD2 = "Category Number of Sales;string CATEGORYNAME[SIZE] = "Infants", "Children", "Teens", "Men", "Women;output HEAD1;output HEAD2;while category < SIZE;output CATEGORYNAME[category], sales[category];category = category + 1;endIf;return;Q2. - The Parks District maintains five soccer teams, as shown in the table below. Write the pseudocode for a program that accepts a player?s team number as the player registers to be on the team and displays the player?s team name continuously until an appropriate sentinel value is entered for a team number. In addition, after the sentinel value has been entered, the program displays (output) a count of the number of players registered for each team along with the team number and the team name. Be sure to use Modules!;Team Number;Team Name;1;Goal Getters;2;The Force;3;Top Guns;4;Shooting Stars;5;Midfield Monsters;Q3. - The Fast-Food restaurant sells the following products (items);Product;Price ($);Cheeseburger;2.49;Pepsi;1.00;Chips;0.59;Write the pseudocode for an application that allows a user to enter an order product (item) name (not the item number) continuously until a sentinel value is entered. After each item, display its price or the message ?Sorry, we do not carry that? as output. After all items have been entered, display the total price for the order. NOTE: Use the actual product (item) names for input, NOT numbers like 1, 2 and 3 !!! Be sure to use Modules!


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